4th Zcash Mining Efficiency Upgrade

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We have been working hard to improve the efficiency of our Zcash mining algorithm, and we are happy to announce that we are upgrading your hashpower by 30% for the fourth time! After providing three previous upgrades (300%, 200%, 25%); altogether we have upgraded our efficiency for you by almost +1000% with the latest upgrade.


Zcash has had an exciting launch, and we have enjoyed helping all of you start mining from day one. We are continuing to evolve our service to provide you the most efficient mining experience while remaining the most affordable Zcash provider.


Zcash is still in the slow start period, which is free for everyone who got a contract before launch. We will keep you posted on when the transition is occurring with everything you need to know.


We’ve also updated the contract pricing respectively, as this upgrade is free! If you are still getting familiar with Zcash, check out our Altcoin Report here to learn more!


Many of you asked for it so we have added our “Genesis Mining Advanced Autotrader” to Zcash mining! This means that you can now mine Zcash and choose to have the mined ZEC (AUTO)-exchanged into BTC or ETH for payout! To choose any of these options, please visit the Mining Allocation page and select Zcash.


We’ll be updating you about Zcash and all other Cryptocurrencies in the future, stay tuned for more updates!


Your Genesis Mining Team

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