Zcash Miners get an additional free month!

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We’ve only got a few days left until Zcash launches on Friday, 28th October 2016 and thanks to our team’s hard work, we were able to increase our mining capacities one last time, so check out the pricing page for the last available contracts! After this sale we won’t be able to sell a new batch for quite some time so this is your last chance to join the network before the launch.




Additionally, we’re glad to announce that every user that bought a Zcash contract before 25th October 2016 08:00 UTC receives a full free month of Zcash Mining! This means your contracts has been extended from 12 months to 13 full months! If you’re buying a Zcash contract now before launch, you’ll naturally get that free month as well.


We made this decision also partly due to the slow mining period implemented in the Zcash protocol: This period spans over approximately 34 days, in which the block reward rises gradually from 0 to 12.5 ZEC until it reaches the 20,000th block. We hope that with this free extra month you will have a much better feeling about the Zcash starting phase.


You can find more information in our latest webcast, in which we talk about Zcash and it’s benefits and challenges.



If you’re considering upgrading your hashrate, here is more information on our pricing and the benefits of Zcash in our Altcoin Report.


Thanks for your continued support, we will continue to keep you informed as the launch gets closer!

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