Zcash gets another hashrate upgrade!

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Just last week we tripled the hashpower for every single one of our Zcash customers at no cost to the user! Today, we are glad to announce that we did it again and doubled the hashrate of our mining rigs! That means we now increased the hashpower already by a factor of 6 since our offer launched and are updating the prices respectively.


Our team is working day and night to ramp up more capacity and expand our operation. We are doing everything we can, but given the current demand we can not guarantee to keep the sales open until the launch so we advise joining soon for those interested in a contract before the launch.


Zcash Buildout Team


Here’s a bit more info on pricing for you as well!


Zcash Pricing


If you aren’t familiar with Zcash’s features yet check out our Altcoin Report here to learn more!


Thanks for your support!


– Your Genesis Mining Team

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