X11 Contract Lifetime now 2 Years!

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We just wanted to send a brief note to update you on a big change in our one year X11 contracts. When new hardware arrives on the market it is of uttermost importance for us to give you access to it as soon as possible. New hardware means an efficiency edge over the competition and we want to ensure that you are the first ones that benefit from it.


So when we heard about brand-new X11 ASIC we rushed to get machines as fast as possible in our mining farms. There is no other business in the market that was able to offer this kind of deal so fast. The downside of moving that quickly was that we could not thoroughly test the hardware until now and therefore were conservative in our lifetime estimation.


After testing a larger batch over a longer period of time we are happy to announce that we can upgrade all of our ASIC X11 clients from one year to two year contracts. The electricity cost for the second year will be free of charge, as well. Thank you for putting your trust in us!


If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at contact@genesis-mining.com.


On another note, as you saw we recently launched our X11 contracts again and they have sold FASTER than any other contract we’ve ever launched. We expect to be entirely sold out once again in the upcoming days so if you plan on purchasing a contract, it would be best to do so now.


Have a great month ahead!


Marco Streng

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