We’ve sent a Bitcoin to space!

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You may have seen a teases regarding our plan to send Bitcoin “To the Moon!” as they say… Well we’re happy to share with you that Genesis Mining recently conducted the first ever Peer2Peer Transaction in space! A few weeks ago we went to the United Kingdom to send a 3D model of a Bitcoin with a paper wallet fixed on the back all the way into space with the help of a weather balloon.


When it reached an altitude of 20 kilometers (what’s known as the Armstrong limit) we sent the first ever Bitcoin into space. Since we believe in reaching new heights at Genesis we didn’t stop there. When the Bitcoin made it to 34 kilometers our space partners let us know that it was at peak altitude so we sent another Bitcoin, beating our initial record on the same flight! You can check out the address on the blockchain.



As a community we’ve all seen Bitcoin increase in value, and we wanted to do our part to demonstrate that there’s no limit to how far Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can go. Thanks for being a part of the Genesis Mining family. You help make these sorts of milestones possible, and we couldn’t be more grateful.


Make sure to check out the video and share with your communities, together we’ll help Bitcoin make it to even greater heights. Maybe even to the moon!


– Your Genesis Mining Team

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