The 11 Myths of Bitcoin: Blog Series

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Continuing on our post from a few weeks ago where we compared Bitcoin to the early internet, we are excited to announce a new blog series where we will highlight the most common myths we hear about Bitcoin.

We realize that many people who oppose Bitcoin don’t really oppose Bitcoin, they simply don’t understand it. Our goal is to A) provide the ultimate resource for Bitcoin fact checking and myth-busting and B) to educate and assure new Bitcoin users about the technology.

We have prepared a 5,000 word report outlining these myths that provides facts to counter, and hopefully resolve, the misconceptions.


Here is the itinerary of content we’ll be covering through the next 11 posts:

#1Because Bitcoin is anonymous it is a tool for criminals to purchase drugs, launder money, and finance terrorism.

#2 Bitcoin does not solve any real world problems.

#3 Bitcoin allows for anonymous payments.

#4Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme or a “tulip” mania.

#5Bitcoin is not regulated and therefore cannot be safe.

#6Bitcoin is only a currency.

#7Bitcoin has been hacked on several occasions.

#8Bitcoin is too volatile for merchants to accept.

#9Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.

#10The fact that the creator is unknown is a major concern.

#11Bitcoin is too volatile.


We are excited to release this to you and hope you enjoy the full series over the next 11 weeks.

Stay tuned for next week where we will publish myth number 1!

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