Monthly Service Update: September 2017

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Hey Miners! Here’s our general service status update for September 2017! Please take a look to see what happened last month, the current status of our service and the plans for the future!


Customer Service Tickets

First of all we want to again apologize for the current ticket wait times – It is our top priority to assist you in the best quality possible. The Cryptocurrency industry is growing fast and each week there’s an influx of thousands of people experiencing and engaging with all these new technologies that are in development and specifically our mining ecosystem.


Our team is handling hundreds of thousands transactions over dozens of cryptocurrency protocols and networks on a daily basis. Unfortunately this sometimes is not only a stress test for the protocol networks, but also ourselves, and in the end, you, our users. Errors and mistakes occur, but we want to assure you that not a single payout gets deliberately lost. We’re carefully tracking all user balances and cryptocurrency blockchains and a missing transaction does not imply that funds are lost or won’t be paid out eventually. It is not only our job, but in all our best interest to onboard and inform all new and existing users in the best way possible and we’re improving our communication and ticket processing on a daily basis.


In September we received a total of 130.000 new tickets, which we could reduce by a huge amount and are now pending on an average of 30.000. Sometimes in this new frontier there’s only one challenge for 10 users, and sometimes there’s 10 problems for only one user – Either way, we’re here to solve all problems you encounter and we want to assure you that if you experience any issues with our service, system or payouts – we will assist you as fast as we can. Specifically, if you should be missing a payout due to network or software issues, we do know about it and our team is working hard for you to get you your daily mining share. Every hash of every single user will be honored!


The way forward:
We’re constantly hiring and training new customer service staff, improving the general ticket processing workflows and are advancing the overall user experience of our platform. We hold ourselves to the standard of a maximum response time of 72 hours, which we unfortunately couldn’t honour in the last weeks, but are eager to return to.


Thanks again for your patience with the current delays in ticket response and technical issues. We’re all testing this new technology together and we’ll smooth out every bump along the road together! Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service if you experience any issues with our platform.


Bitcoin Contracts

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response to our Bitcoin mining presale. The new batch was sold out in a little less than 72 hours and all hardware is being ramped up right now to start mining as soon as possible! The initial scheduled mining start date is the end of October and we’ll inform everyone of you about the progress!


We know that there are many more of you eager to get their hands on another batch of Bitcoin mining contracts, but we unfortunately cannot give an exact date for this yet. As we’re closing in on the mining start of the last batch we will keep you informed about any new hashpower sales!


Zcash Contracts relaunched

We relaunched our Zcash contracts and increased the total contract timeframe from one year to two years with reduced pricing! All our new contracts, except Bitcoin Open-End, are now in tune with a mining timeframe of two years. Also, it’s been now almost a year since the launch of the Zcash blockchain on 28th of October 2016 and we’re looking forward to it’s one year celebration!


#EvolveWithUs Video Series

In case you haven’t seen, we’ve launched a new video series called #EvolveWithUs! This series will feature all the ways Genesis Mining is working to stay at the front of mining technology, and the experts on our team that are making that possible!


You can watch the first two behind-the-scenes interviews of our mining build-out in May 2017 on our Enigma Landingpage.



Every person who mines with us helps make what we do possible, and we appreciate your patience with us as we work to improve our service while getting you your hard earned coins.


Stay tuned for the next service update for October at the beginning of November!


Sincerely yours,
Your Genesis Mining Team

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