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Hey miners! We’re glad to announce that we’ve returned to our daily payout schedule! Thank you for your patience in the last weeks — We strive to be the best hashpower provider in the world and as any business in this new industry we’re hit with unexpected challenges and downtimes.


Some of you are still missing past Monero, Ethereum and balanced credit card payouts and we want to assure you that our IT and Customer Service team is working hard to get them to you.
Genesis Mining provides payouts for over a dozen different and independent cryptocurrencies and we want to assure you that not a single payout gets lost on the way. We’re carefully tracking all user balances and cryptocurrency blockchains and a missing transaction does not imply that funds are lost or won’t be paid out eventually.
As all of these blockchain protocols and networks are in constant development we not only need to keep every single software daemon updated, but also carefully stress test its capabilities as no software is ever bug free or immune to overload. Additionally, each protocol network can suffer enormous pressure and transaction congestions at certain times as happened in the past. Some of these challenges are easily fixed in bulk, others need to be carefully reviewed one by one.
Please also note that there’s always a certain delay until transactions are propagated to their networks and finally confirmed, which leads some Block Explorers to show errors or completely missing transactions if searched for via a transaction hash.
As usual, the mining operation itself continues to work and is not affected by any payout delays. If you think you’re missing a payout and opened a ticket, our customer service team will assist you as soon as they can.
In the meantime we’re improving the overall service user experience and our mining team is busy ramping up new hashpower for Bitcoin, Litecoin & Dash. We’re also looking into enabling Bitcoin Cash mining and will update you on the overall progress in the coming days.
Thank you for your support!
– Your Genesis Mining Team

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