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We wanted to take a moment to inform you about an issue that’s recently come to our attention. Several customers have been asking us about companies they’ve run into that claim to have a business partnership with Genesis Mining.


We’ve looked into it and identified several companies claiming to be involved with us that are not. There are a few ways that companies are claiming partnership with us, so we wanted to share to make sure you have the right information and are protected from doing business with anyone presenting incorrect information.

Some have made the claim that they are partners with us, claiming that our teams work together to achieve similar goals. Others claim that we are significant investors/stakeholders, while others have made the claim that they are actually a new product of Genesis Mining. In some cases these individuals often use our graphics and branding without authorization. In most cases any business partnerships we have that are relevant to our customers will be noted on our website. As a rule, if we don’t specifically list a company, product, or service you should assume that there is no cooperation that goes beyond delivering hashpower from our side.

We do provide hashpower to quite a few people, so it’s important to note that someone being a Genesis Mining customer does not make them a business partner like some companies have claimed. We obviously cannot guarantee service or security for companies we don’t work with, which is why we wanted to inform you of this activity and urge caution in dealing with anyone who claims to work with us without any verification from us.

If you’ve found a business that seemingly claims and promotes a partnership with us, please contact our customer service team. Thank you.

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