Moscow Bitcoin Conference 2016

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We attended the Moscow Bitcoin Conference on April 8th 2016 and gave an outlook on “Opportunities in Cryttocurrency Mining”. A lot of interesting and insightful presentations were held and we are happy to see the Bitcoin Industry in Russia thrive! Here are some excerpts & presentation slides of the conference.

It was just seven years ago that nobody could say what Bitcoin and Blockchain were about, but today they are being studied by global banks. Neither actions in Paris nor a range of cyber attacks could cool down the interest of governments and financial giants to such technologies. In order not to get behind and be prepared for tomorrow when blockchain will be applied by the Europeans and Americans, Russia needs an informational floor. International Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia 2016 will become the perfect possibility.


Our Presentation involved general explanation on what Bitcoin Mining is and how the industry came about. Here are some slides to give you an idea:

What is mining? Home Mining Large Scale Mining Efficiency Formula Current Technology Ethereum Mining

Blockchain will not only make money transactions fast and secure, it will also become a decentralized media for creating social projects, say Russian and foreign bankers. As for high-level authorities, they are not so hostile to Bitcoin, as they were just a year ago.
More information about the conference here. Be sure to check our their social media channels as well!

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