Improved Affiliate Program

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Our affiliate program has been renewed, rewritten, and revamped. We wanted to reward our affiliates, regardless of their size – whether you’re a marketing expert or a home blogger, you can strike it big with our new reward-tiers.


So, how does it work?


Your affiliate code is the key. Share it with family, share it with friends, share it with the world! Anytime someone uses your code, you’ll both receive rewards – a 3% discount on the referral’s purchase, and an upgrade of 2.5% hashpower – or more – for you. Higher tiers give better rewards, and hashpower isn’t all you can earn: there’s special gifts to be earned.


So grab your codes, pull up your social media and get sharing: share the success and the beauty of cryptocurrency with the world. You’ll find more information and a general guideline on your affiliate page – accessible after logging into your account.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear it – drop us a line at our customer service desk! We’ll be constantly improving the system and advice and ideas from our partners are welcomed with open arms.


– Your Genesis Mining Team


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