Genesis Mining Celebrates 4th Anniversary!

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This is a big time of year for the Genesis Mining family, it’s our birthday! Four years ago this company was founded with the believe that Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology would change the world as we know it.

In the last four years we’ve been able to accomplish so much because of your support. We’ve…

  • Launched mining facilities in Iceland and Sweden that run on green energy
  • Grown from a small business to over 2 million customers
  • Sent a Bitcoin to the moon! (well, space!)
  • Scaled our mining operations in include over 15 minable cryptocurrencies through 6 mining algorithms
  • Attended, spoke at, and sponsored the world’s top blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences
  • Were featured in top news outlets such as CNBC, VICE, and others
  • Developed proprietary software that helps miners around the world monitor their equipment
  • Launch a regulated cryptocurrency based fund, the Logos Fund.
  • Created a strategic partnership with the world’s first publicly listed crypto mining company HIVE Blockchain Technologies


We still believe that to this day, and as since we’ve been in this industry since the early days, we’re excited to see how things continue to develop. A lot has happened since we started. Bitcoin’s price went from just a few hundred dollars to setting new records all the time! To the moon has felt like a reality in this past year. The technology has grown in quite a few ways as well, with the emergence of new currencies, a budding ecosystem of applications built on the blockchain, and exciting new projects that are paving the way for future innovation.


As the foremost cloud mining provider, we’ve been providing the latest technology to our customers, which means sometimes issues arise. We’ve offered daily payouts since the beginning, but recent challenges with networks and security needs have created delays. We’re grateful for you sharing issues as they arise and we’re committed to resolving any technical challenges to ensure that you continue receiving your mining rewards.


We are constantly growing alongside the industry, with new mining facilities around the world, new applications for the technology, and strategic partnerships that will help us grow sustainably in the coming years. We are so happy to have been serving this wonderful community for over 4 years and are looking forward to many years to come. Thank you for being a part of this technological revolution, and for being engaged customers along the way, we appreciate each and every one of you.

– Your Genesis Mining Team

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