Genesis’ Achievements of 2016

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2016 has been quite an eventful year: we’ve seen countries part ways, and countries make peace; we’ve seen banks and governments the world round dabbling in the blockchain for a variety of purposes; and we’ve seen Bitcoin come out on top again, for the second year in a row. But it wasn’t just a big year for Bitcoin: it was a year of advancement and growth for Genesis Mining, too. Let’s take a quick look at our biggest achievements of 2016.


Enigma – the world’s largest Ethereum mining cluster – was officially launched in April 2016. In May, we released footage of Enigma and a handful of photographs; Enigma was featured in International Business Times, on Coinfox, on CoinDesk and various other media outlets.



Our #ExploreBitcoin campaign – originally launched in November 2015 – continued onwards by subtly trolling JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon. We took out billboards in Miami with a message, for big corporations and young entrepreneurs alike: Bitcoin is coming. Be prepared.



Our Chief Financial Officer, Marco Krohn, was featured on Motherboard, Bloomberg and SCMagazine; our CEO, Marco Streng, was featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. We launched webcasts and interviewed Erik Voorhees of and Joshua Scigala of and we were even featured on’s official ‘mining’ webpage.




We made our way to conferences around the globe: we spoke at Dubai’s first blockchain conference, Keynote 2016; we presented at the Moscow Bitcoin Conference; we even travelled to Seoul for the Inside Fintech Conference and Expo, and demonstrated various investment opportunities.



Our reach didn’t extend to Earth alone – we conducted the very first P2P transaction in space, sending a Bitcoin all the way to the moon. You can watch the video here, read our article here, and even check out the address on the blockchain.




It’s no secret that our roots our buried deep within home mining. In 2016, we decided to give back to the community: in cooperation with legendary kernel hacker, Wolf0, we launched SGMiner-GM – our all-in-one miner for our cryptocurrency catalogue. SGMiner-GM is maintained by Genesis Mining and contributed to by the talented developers of the community, including Tanguy Pruvot, Yann St. Arnaud and Keith Dunnett.




Our altcoin report series was launched, examining our current cryptocurrency catalogue, including Dash, Monero mining, and Zcash mining. We celebrated our two year anniversary and completed our first ever customer survey, improved affiliate program and, of course, we were there for Zcash – providing a staggering three upgrades before the official launch, and another two after – all for free to our existing and future contracts.




What a year, indeed! But we can’t start 2017 without acknowledging the most exciting announcement of all: Bitcoin has finally broken through to $1000 USD, it’s highest in three years. It’s a sign of a fantastic year, and we’ve got big things planned to go along with it – so stay tuned, and as always: happy mining and thanks for being part of this!


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