Expert Interview with Joshua Scigala, CEO

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Next up in our expert interviews is our special guest Joshua Scigala, (CEO of and Dr. Marco Krohn (CFO Genesis Mining) talking about characteristics of FIAT money, Gold and how Cryptocurrencies are building on both of them.



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00:01 Introduction
01:00 Why did you build a Bitcoin to Gold Exchange?
02:28 MtGox and Blockchain transparency in the crypto-industry
04:20 What is Fiat Money and why was it invented?
06:00 Economic theory experimentations with Cryptocurrencies
07:45 Market supply & demand and the rise of Bitcoin (Demurrage)
09:00 What is value regarding gold, barter and fiat money

The Characteristics of money:
Fiat money, Gold and Bitcoin: Features and Challenges

11:25 Durability and how cryptography is changing it
13:20 Portability in the information age
15:10 Divisibility of fiat micro payments and digital digits
16:50 Fungibility, ownership and distribution
20:00 Anonymity as legitimate business applications
21:30 Scarcity in terms of decentralized and deflationary assets
24:45 Security in terms of counterfeiting and faking value

This is our second expert interview from our Bitcoin Education Center, which will launch soon.

Stay tuned for more interviews!



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