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We’re starting off the expert interviews with our guest Erik Voorhees (CEO of, who visited our office at the end of September, and Dr. Marco Krohn (CFO Genesis Mining) talking about what Bitcoin and money is, how it works and how both are changing each other and the world.



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00:01 Introduction
02:10 Why Bitcoin is more than just digital cash
09:40 Bitcoin is anti-fragile, what is a anti-fragile system?
11:30 Why are banks more interested in blockchain than in Bitcoin?
13:55 What are private blockchains about?
16:50 What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?
19:20 What is the purpose of Altcoins? Why do they make sense?
21:00 Why are anonymous cryptocurrencies important?
24:30 Can complete anonymity be integrated into Bitcoin?
25:30 What is Shapeshift and why should you use it?


This is our first expert interview from our Bitcoin Education Center, which will launch soon.

Stay tuned for more interviews!



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