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Bitcoin? Bah!

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We have to be honest — we didn’t come up with the title for this article by ourselves. Actually it was inspired by a Newsweek article from 1995. The article was titled “The Internet? Bah” which Newsweek published that year. The article was written by an author named Clifford Stanford, and throughout the article he made it very clear how skeptical he was of that new fangled internet technology.

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5 Reasons I am Bullish as Ever About Bitcoin by Marco Streng

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Bitcoin is too volatile. Bitcoin is too small. Bitcoin is too risky. These are the types of headlines I am reading over and over again every day and have been for the last 4 years. And you know what? They are right. Bitcoin is all of those things. For now. I don’t believe it will always be that way. The key phrase missing from all these headlines is that Bitcoin is too new.

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Genesis Mining Sponsors SaruTobi App with Mining Power

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We are very excited to announce that Genesis Mining has become a sponsor of the recently released iPhone App, SaruTobi.

After becoming players ourselves, we found it nearly impossible not to become involved in one of the most exciting Bitcoin apps that has been released. The app was released at the start of this year and has quickly grown in popularity with existing Bitcoin Read more

Genesis Mining Heads to New Zealand!

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Our CEO and co-founder recently attended Bitcoin South, New Zealand’s first Bitcoin conference which took place in Queenstown. Other speakers included Andreas Antonopoulos, Jeffrey Tucker and Paul Puey from Airbitz.

Despite the distractions from the beautiful weather and incredible scenic views, all the speakers delivered powerful talks covering a wide range of topics related to the future Read more

Three Conferences, 4 days: Las Vegas

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The Genesis Mining team made it’s way to sunny and warm Las Vegas this week for Inside Bitcoins, Coin Agenda and Hashers United, three back to back Bitcoin conferences.

We had a great time meeting some of our largest customers face to face and enjoyed the keynotes!