Bitcoin Use Case: Zimbabwe

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Currency is a confusing subject, and wrapping your head around ideas like fiat money vs commodity money systems, currency trading, or inflation and deflation can take time. Part of the problem is that the ideas are abstract. But every now and then something happens that makes one of those ideas very tangible, and right now that is exactly what is happening in Zimbabwe.

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SURVEY RESULTS: Increasing the Blocksize

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Last week we asked our miners to tell us what they think about increasing the blocksize. Miners are affected by this change as much or more than anyone else, and we have received a lot of feedback about this issue.

So we hosted a poll. In it we laid out the pros and cons of both alternatives – increasing the block size and not tampering with the blocksize. This is a summary of how we represented each point of view:

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9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Miner

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There is no denying that there are lot of companies in the scrypt cloud mining industry which are launched with the sole intention of defrauding their customers. Since its inception, Bitcoin has been plagued by scammers that have cost customers millions of dollars.

We wanted to do a post to help new Bitcoin users. Time and time again, we see the story posted on forums and social media: a new user found a cloud mining company online, paid money, and now have nothing to show for it. Looking at the big picture, this doesn’t just hurt that one user, it hurts the entire ecosystem.

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