Goodbye to CTO, Stefan Schindler

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In spring of 2014, Stefan joined the Genesis Mining team with one goal in mind: building with us the world’s leading cryptocurrency hashpower provider. Today, after more than 4 years of dedication, passion and success, we honour his resignation and thank him for everything he helped us to achieve.
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Hashpower transfer for CryptoNight Users

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As many of you are aware, there was a fork in the Monero code, referred to as V0.12.0 “Lithium Luna” on April 6th. As thus, the original CryptoNight algorithm (now referred to as CryptoNightV0) was altered to, among other things, neutralize all ASIC hardware mining the original Monero blockchain. The new mining algorithm is now referred to as “CryptoNightV1”.
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The Importance of Collaboration

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To the entire crypto community and most importantly, our customers: On Sunday evening, we received a Cease and Desist letter from the South Carolina Securities Commission. This letter requires us to immediately stop selling to customers in South Carolina because of the belief that the service we sell, computer hash power (mining), is considered a security. According to the South Carolina Securities Commission, without registering or operating under exemption, the offering of our service would be a violation of the South Carolina securities laws.
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