Bitcoin Awareness is Back!

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Two years ago, we announced our #ExploreBitcoin project which would aim to raise mainstream public awareness for bitcoin and the power of blockchain technology through creative public campaigns. Our campaign started with …

… dozens of billboards and taxi top signs across the country.


Then we launched a Bitcoin 32 kilometers into space and completed the highest altitude peer to peer transaction (in a metaphorical matter).

Next we did it yet again when we criticised Jamie Dimon with a massive mobile billboard that circled the Miami Bitcoin Conference.


Then we did it again when launched another mobile billboard in Miami that highlighted journalists who publish articles announcing Bitcoin’s death, only to be proven wrong, time and time again.


Today we’re excited to announce our biggest Explore Bitcoin project yet.


This campaign is called #BankersAgainstBitcoin and it kicked off with 100 actors hired to protest outside of the Concensus Conference in New York City.

Why would we hire protesters? These protesters are meant to represent the bankers and financial services industry workers that will soon lose their jobs to Bitcoin if they fail to adapt to the new world we live in.

This is meant to be a fun way to show just how disruptive bitcoin will be in the future. Here is some footage of the protest:




We are going to be stepping these campaigns up and plan to launch many more throughout the remainder of 2018. Have an idea for a public campaign that could raise awareness for Bitcoin? Email us your ideas at

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