Public release of sgminer-gm to optimize your mining operation

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If you’re a Genesis Mining customer, we do the hard work for you in setting up the hardware and software. For those of you running your own mining operation, however, it can get exhausting installing, optimizing and managing multiple miners for coins. We weren’t a big fan of that. So, we decided to fix it.


Today, we’re proud to announce sgminer-gm – a fork of sgminer 5.3.0 nicehash with stratum support for Ethereum.



While Ethminer was terrific and incorporated on GPU DAG generation, we missed ncurses UI; the fan control of sgminer; backup pools; and the other quality of life features sgminer offered us. Now, we’ve got it all in one nice, tidy package – and it’s available to everyone!


You can compile it from the official Github repository; Windows executables are available for 32-bit() and 64-bit() operating systems; and the *nix binaries in a tar.gz are available(). A sample configuration is provided for users here(). Remember, you need an AMD GPU to take advantage of sgminer-gm.


If you’d like to join the discussion, you can visit Reddit and the Ethereum Forum.


Don’t have the hardware, or the time, to run your own operation? Let us do that for you. You can grab a mining contract for Ethereum here; skip the hard work, and get right into mining!

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