Zcash Hashrate Upgrade!

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In our Zcash announcement we mentioned that we expected hashrate efficiency to improve as we worked to prepare for the launch. After days of hard work we’re glad to announce that our efforts on the Zcash mining software has been successful and we have tripled the Zcash hashpower of every user that obtained a contract before 12th October 2016 13:00 UTC at no cost to the user!


Due to high demand we cannot guarantee to keep sales open until launch anymore, but we will do everything to ramp up new capacities as quickly as possible. If you want to start mining Zcash from Day 1 then it’s best to join now!


We’ve also updated the contract pricing respectively and you are now able to get three times as much hashrate for the old prices! We still have a few weeks before the Zcash launch on 28th October 2016 and we’re working hard on further optimizations so that you can mine Zcash with maximum performance right from the start! We will let you know as we make further improvements.


If you are still getting familiar with Zcash check out our Altcoin Report here to learn more!



Your Genesis Mining Team

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