Why I love Bitcoin Series: Mia Molnar

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Welcome to our new series, Why I love Bitcoin, in which members of our time tell a little about Bitcoin and themselves!

Today with Mia Molnar, PR & Marketing.

What were you doing before getting started in Bitcoin?

I was completing my master’s degree, studying consumer attitudes and behavior. I got really interested in the paradox that the success of an economy is measured in consumption, whereas ever growing consumption is destroying the environment and societies. I thought learning about the human factor behind consumerism could help me do my part in working for a sustainable future.

When did you first hear about Bitcoin and what were your first thoughts when you heard about it?

I heard about it from Marco Streng in 2013. I mentioned to him I want to start looking for a job and he told me all excited about his young company and that he could use some help. He explained to me the whole thing and I was so blown away I started next day. What I first thought when he told me about it: “Power to the People!“ My first thought was that it is something that could bring some freedom to the individual. And by freedom I mean practicalities… The tiny transaction fees for people working far from their homes to support their families. The fact that Bitcoin’s value depends on the free market, and there’s no central authority involved to tell you that your money, your savings, your life’s fortune is now worth some percent less. The amount of hassle and cost you save when crossing the border and being able to use one global currency. Things like that!

What attracted you to Bitcoin? What did you find most exciting?

What I previously mentioned is also what I find most exciting. It enables cheaper, faster, peer to peer transfers (especially good for remittance flows), and also the established western markets can benefit from the freedom this invention brings. I never felt comfortable about banks for example, I hated to put my money into one and to be charged for so many things under so many titles. And of course I shouldn’t forget the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain. It is so amazing and has such a huge potential that the best possibilities of use we didn’t even figure out yet.

What do you think of the current state of Bitcoin?

I think the current state corresponds to the beginning phase of any disruptive technology: it is bumpy. The relatively stable price is a very good sign in my opinion, even if it’s lower than the all time peak. So I am very optimistic!

What’s the biggest misconception people have around Bitcoin?

The concerns regarding volatility. People somehow don’t see that once the technology is widely adopted, the market becomes stable. So by staying away and waiting until it becomes stable, they are causing exactly what they are afraid of.

Where do you see Bitcoin in 3, 5 and 20 years?

I would think that in the near future it will prosper, but stays somewhat underground. Then there will be wild discussions as governments reach the inevitable point of having to come up with some rules. But then they will be too late to “ban Bitcoin”. However, it will cause some troubles, media will only catch up bad news, and the price could drop again. Then it all evens out, and bitcoin will be a widely used currency. I see a possibility that the blockchain will be used on fields where transparency is an issue. I want to dream big and say that in 20 years it will be used to prevent corruption.

That’s it for our second entry. More is already on the way! Thanks for reading & thanks to Mia!

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