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Welcome to our new series, Why I love Bitcoin, in which members of our team tell a little about Bitcoin and themselves!

Today with Jakob Klassen, Our Social Media Manager.

What were you doing before getting started in Bitcoin?

I was a Master Student at Berlin Humboldt University, Germany. My major was Economics. I was also in charge of the Berlin based Tyvek wallets start-up http://paprcuts.de in online marketing.

When did you first hear about Bitcoin and what were your first thoughts when you heard about it?

In summer 2012 I heard Marco (Streng) the first time talking about Bitcoin. He also told me about its rapid growth in value at that time. Marco has always been someone with many ideas and he was interested in a wide range of topics. It was not clear that eventually a company like Genesis Mining would emerge out of his initial interest. I didn’t take Bitcoin too seriously at first. However I was quite interested in the economical and political implications of such a decentralized money system.

What attracted you to Bitcoin? What did you find most exciting?

What I really like is that it makes you think about money and what this everyday tool actually is. For instance I like the idea that Bitcoin has so many common characteristics with cash and is on the other hand quite the contrary. I also believe that it has as a technology fundamental potential that is still not entirely unveiled. Many things can develop out of this and it will surprise the most of us.

What do you think of the current state of Bitcoin?

The current blocksize debate is a big problem for Bitcoin that urgently needs to be solved. But I also see many clever young people taking care of this. And many other signs paint a bright picture: Venture capital is flowing in and the network and merchant adoption, as well as the daily number of transaction is growing daily: http://blog.genesis-mining.com/5-reasons-i-am-bullish-as-ever-about-bitcoin-by-marco-streng

What’s the biggest misconception people have around Bitcoin?

Some people are intellectually lazy and stamp Bitcoin to be something criminal, so they don’t have to rethink their conception of money. Of course, there are shady things happening by people who use Bitcoin. But it is also clear that felony is not an invention of Bitcoin. Criminals have always been using and still use cash and fiat money. No one calls for a shut-down of these money systems.

Where do you see Bitcoin in 3, 5 and 20 years?

This is the most difficult question. Perhaps this trailer can answer it 😉

That’s it for 3rd entry. More is already on the way! Thanks for reading & thanks to Jakob!

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