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Zcash gets another hashrate upgrade!

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Just last week we tripled the hashpower for every single one of our Zcash customers at no cost to the user! Today, we are glad to announce that we did it again and doubled the hashrate of our mining rigs! That means we now increased the hashpower already by a factor of 6 since our offer launched and are updating the prices respectively.

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Zcash Hashrate Upgrade!

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In our Zcash announcement we mentioned that we expected hashrate efficiency to improve as we worked to prepare for the launch. After days of hard work we’re glad to announce that our efforts on the Zcash mining software has been successful and we have tripled the Zcash hashpower of every user that obtained a contract before 12th October 2016 13:00 UTC at no cost to the user!

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We’ve sent a Bitcoin to space!

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You may have seen a teases regarding our plan to send Bitcoin “To the Moon!” as they say… Well we’re happy to share with you that Genesis Mining recently conducted the first ever Peer2Peer Transaction in space! A few weeks ago we went to the United Kingdom to send a 3D model of a Bitcoin with a paper wallet fixed on the back all the way into space with the help of a weather balloon.
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Public release of sgminer-gm to optimize your mining operation

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If you’re a Genesis Mining customer, we do the hard work for you in setting up the hardware and software. For those of you running your own mining operation, however, it can get exhausting installing, optimizing and managing multiple miners for coins. We weren’t a big fan of that. So, we decided to fix it.

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